Although I created this blog more than 6 months ago, this is the first time I really care about this page that I call “Who I am” page. So I decide to write something here.
1. Who am I? My vietnamese fullname’s Phạm Đình Duy Phương. I’m from HCM city, Vietnam.
2. Why did I create this blog? To write and to read.
3. Why did I name this blog proSeverus? If you ever read  Harry Potter, you will understand why I named my blog proSeverus.

Maybe you wonder why sometimes I write my posts in Vietnamese, but sometimes in English. One of the biggest reason I write my posts in English is that  I can use this as a way of improving my writing skills.

You see, I almost eliminate comments from those posts in this blog. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to receive or listen to your say. Don’t hesitate to contact me, \
Finally, please take these verses as my words to you

Lão tiều gặp lại ngư ông,
Bên sông gió mát, trăng trong, kho trời.
Rượu vò lại rót khuyên mời,
Cùng nhau lại kể chuyện thời xa xưa…
Kể ra biết mấy cho vừa?
Nói cười hỉ hả , say sưa quên đời…